Access and update information with ease, which you could not find before

Flockwise starts where rule-based searches and switching between multiple apps end – see how it works.

Flockwise is a Self-Learning Intelligence Engine

A platform that accumulates business insights and makes them available.

Without Writing Single Line of Code

Powerful AI/ML, NLP, Graph-DB, and other latest technologies, yet intuitive.

For all Business Functions and for Businesses of all sizes

Technology access to everyone who strives for bigger wins.


You have come a long a way to get here and you might have some questions.

You do not need to be an expert in AI / ML to use Flockwise. Flockwise is a self-learning intelligence platform that provides business insights.

Ideally in 30 days you should experience your ROI. In this time, we would have identified the heavy users of Chat UI and ensured that learning along with enhancements has been in place and the system is answering the heavy users in a smooth manner.

Users can get started with little or no training as Flockwise is an intuitive platform. It is possible to be productive just by watching the” getting started” videos provided.

Chatbot is designed to interact with users and complete simple tasks. Flockwise which is an insight engine analyzes the knowledge repository and provides insights to business users for key processes.

Use cases

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Please tell us a bit more about your challenge and use case and we will be in touch with you as quick as we can.

We are currently in private beta where we are looking at each use case individually. We are happy to cover your needs, set up the right system for your access!