Use cases

Flockwise is the right tool when it comes to unstructured data: If your process requires you to deal with images, text, or documents, that's where other tools will go on strike.

With that out of the way, here are some examples for inspiration.

Business Process Knowledge

Find curated information from any source

Let the knowledge engine work 24/7 to keep gathering intelligence from different sources. As you access information, improve the knowledge base. Get information from mining chat boxes, emails, content systems, videos and more

Sales Enablement and Efficiency

Understand customer insights at scale

Prospecting thru deal close – research sales kit, get insights, engage with sales team. Instantly classify incoming product reviews, client call notes, and customer feedback to specific products or features.

Customer Success made easy

Intelligently handle Service Requests

Customers demand an accurate response to their queries, first time and without delay. Knowledge in unified chatbot collated across databases, systems and topics

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